National Insurance Solutions - Want to lecture not provide ins

Modesto, California 0 comments

I have 8 rentals, my own home & my car all insured by them.I make sure to NEVER make a claim, even if I have one.

I just pay for it myself. I paid off one of my houses which is valued at maybe $100k but the lender required $300k insurance. I had owned the rental for awhile & it needed a new roof & new outside paint. So when the ins premium came due, called my agent to get a quote for a lower amt to reflect coverage for the actual value & also told them about the roof & new paint.

(By this time I already replaced the roof). I told them the paint would be done in 2 mo, since I am not a rich person. They cancelled my insurance & the agent went on & on about the need for paint & wanted to send me photos to show how it needed paint &her focus was on lecturing me & had NO interest in getting me insurance!! DUH!!!

I told THEM I was going to put a new roof on (done) & paint it in 2 months!!! So I am uninsured, had to put up w hrs of lecture & their PREOCCUPATION w wanting to show me my house needed painting...which is already quoted & scheduled w NO interest in providing me w insurance!!!!

I am taking ALL my business elsewhere an insurance company whose focus is in providing ins & not in lectures & wasting my time (and even agreed I should take ALL my business elsewhere).I don't need the hassle...especially since all I do is pay them money & NEVER make claims!!

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